Consulplano’s mission is to develop and implement strategies and actions that promote its development and growth, providing clients with continuous improvement in the services it provides.

Consulplano, taking into account the experience acquired by its management and employees in the execution of engineering projects and the management and supervision of construction work, is a company with proximity and quality services for all stakeholders, responding to their needs and expectations, promoting and enhancing the infrastructures and organization of its direct clients.

Consulplano’s Management Policy is based on the following commitments:

> Optimizing the execution of engineering projects and the management and supervision of works;

> Continuously improving the quality of services;

> Improving commercial performance;

> Respecting compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed to by the organization;

> Optimizing the full potential of employees through the consultation and participation process;

> Establishing partnerships with suppliers to ensure improvements in service provision;

> Ensuring the implementation and maintenance of the Management System;

> Valuing and motivating employees;

> Encouraging and monitoring continuous improvement in the performance of the Management System by setting and monitoring objectives.

The commitments made in the Management Policy involve the entire organization, with the Board of Directors taking responsibility for its communication and implementation, committing itself to acting with a focus on achieving the established objectives. Each employee is committed to implementing processes that identify and meet the expectations of stakeholders and guarantee mutual profit.

Consulplano’s strategic intentions for 2023/2026 are:

> Ensure business continuity;

> Ensure the growth of the organization’s financial results;

> Strengthening the network of partners.

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