PCG CONSULPLANO VIATÚNEL ENGENHARIA S.A. is a private engineering consultancy company operating in the fields of Engineering Studies and Projects, Engineering Consultancy and Construction Management and Supervision.

It is an integral part of the holding company PCG PROFABRIL CONSULPLANO GLOBAL, S.A., a synthesis today of several distinct business cultures with complementary experiences, forming a network of national and international companies, already with a critical dimension that is indispensable for facing the globalization of markets and implementing innovative contractual forms to better serve our clients.

Our permanent team consists of highly qualified professionals whose operational practice is based on the most up-to-date technologies and working methodologies. We also rely on the support of independent consultants and collaborate with various technical and financial organizations related to our areas of expertise.

In addition to our areas of expertise, our technical staff is dedicated to the analysis and review of studies and projects to ensure their timely and complete coordination, minimizing errors and omissions and controlling the costs and execution times of projects.



Origin of the company in Portugal under the name ENETE Lda. with railway projects as its area of specialization.


The company is renamed ASPA Lda. and also undertakes road projects in Portugal.


First internationalization with the founding of ASPA Angola and the planning and design of the Huambo industrial zone.


The company name is changed to CONSULPLANO - Estudos, Projectos e Planeamento S.A.


Diversification of areas of intervention in engineering consultancy:

Roads and railroads;

Regional and Urban Planning;

Transport Planning;


 Water and Basic Sanitation;

Parking Lots;


Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies.


Consulplano S.A. acquires the majority of the shares in Profabril Consulplano Global S.A. from IPE-Instituto de Participações do Estado, and the holding company of Profabril Consulplano Global S.A. is formed.


Foundation of the company Viatúnel PGF - Projectos, Gestão e Fiscalização de Empreendimentos, Lda. specializing in the areas of Foundations and Structures, Water and Sanitation, Maritime and Port Engineering and Supervision.


Merger between the companies Consulplano - Estudos, Projectos e Planeamento S.A. and Viatúnel PGF - Projectos, Gestão e Fiscalização de Empreendimentos, Lda., bringing together the competencies of both companies. The company name is changed to PCG Consulplano Viatúnel Engenharia S.A.


Closer relations with a group company based in Macau, with an increase in project activity in the areas of Health (Hospitals) and Transport (Viaducts and stations for the Light Railway) in Macau.


Continuing to provide services in the areas of Engineering, offering highly technically qualified, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

PCG Consulplano - Viatúnel, Engenharia S.A. and its associated companies have the capacity and experience to offer services in the following areas of specialization:


Maritime and Port Engineering;

Reinforcement and Rehabilitation;


Roads and Bridges;

 Water and Sanitation.


Consulplano’s mission is to provide services in various areas of engineering, having into consideration quality management, technical functionality, and continuous improvement as differentiating aspects, with the objective of providing the best and most sustainable solutions to its clients.


Consulplano is committed to being an integral part of the quality, safety and environmental well-being of people and communities. Through our experience and innovation, we help our clients meet the global challenges of growth, quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.


Consulplano’s core values are:

We are specialized professionals who understand the importance of knowing our business and our market, exceeding expectations, and avoiding minor policies along the way, responding to our client’s needs and regulatory requirements.

We know that our client’s success is our success. Their recognition and loyalty are based on our ability to speak openly, act with rectitude, rigour and impartiality, setting clear objectives.

We value quality as the foundation on which we build the excellence of our services, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our energy and commitment are evidenced by our dedication to our work, our passion for what we do and the speed with which we achieve it.

We understand the importance of innovation in meeting the constantly evolving needs of our customers, and that opportunities must be stimulated and developed quickly.

We value performance throughout the process by setting measurable objectives, working collaboratively to achieve turnover and financial margin results that guarantee the company’s maintenance and viability.

The professional and personal well-being of our employees, clients and users is our priority.

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